Cabin Buyer Information

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, buying a new home can be a trying experience. However, following these simple suggestions can certainly help ease the tension.

1. Don’t get pre-qualified – get pre-approved:
No buyer should begin house hunting without knowing exactly what they are qualified to purchase, but getting pre-qualified doesn’t mean that you can actually get a loan! Getting pre-qualified can save you a lot of time in looking at homes that are not within your price range, but getting pre-approved can save you a lot of heartache when you find the home of dreams only to then find out that you can’t get a loan. Mortgage Calculator

2. Establish your needs rather than your wants: (print a checklist)
Everyone knows what they want, but more importantly you need to determine what you truly need before you begin looking at properties. This reduces wasted time spent looking at properties which perhaps are not suited to your lifestyle. When we, personally, begin to look for a new home we make a list of “must haves”, “like to haves” and “wouldn’t this be great” items. This will very easily help you target the right home.

3. Know where you need to be:
If you are looking for a successful rental cabin there are very specific requirements you need to be aware of before you begin your search such as the maximum allowable distance from town, the best location and size of cabin, the most requested ammenities, etc… If you’ve checked out our properties, you can see we’ve found the perfect recipe for success.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a full-time, retirement or second home you’ll want to know how to find a property convenient to town, but a little more remote perhaps even a bit off the beaten path. We know just where you want to be – and where you don’t!

4. Work with an experienced Realtor:
It costs you nothing to work with an experienced agent, and the benefits you gain from their experience can help you immensely when you are making the single most important financial purchase in your life. Don’t let an in-experienced agent use your purchase for practice. Again, we would be more than happy to help you through the process.

We tell all of our customers 2 things:
1) Always have your home inspected. It doesn’t matter how much you like or trust your builder. He cannot be there every minute of every day to oversee every stick of wood that’s goes into your home. It is sub-contractors who really build your home. There are good ones and bad ones, and good ones can have bad days! Print a Home Inspection Checklist

2) Buy owner’s title insurance. This will protect your investment should there prove to be any question as to the validity of deed history. We have always suggested this, and do so even more strongly in rural areas!

The practical tips we have provided will empower you with the information you need to take the critical steps necessary when buying a home. If you did not find the information you’re looking for here, please ask me! We’ll do our best to answer your questions.


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